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Healing is a Process 

Energy Healers are Catalysts 

What Kind of Healing Can I Expect? 

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What Is a Healing Reaction or Symptom? 

Common Symptoms & Reactions 

Engage In Your Own Self-Healing Process



Healing is a process which involves your entire system: mind, emotions, body and spirit.

Healing is a long process which involves your entire system and needs your full engagement to come to a complete healing. There are many levels of healing that happen in the body, and from the big picture overview, can be seen as the healing or transformation of the old personality into that of a fully spiritual human being. Along the way on our healing journey there are certain to be 'aha' moments of great insight and 'miracle' cures as we move along with our healing. But know this, no healer can heal another person, they can only be a catalyst to help the other person heal. The actual healing which happens is from the innate energy of the individual and of that of all creation, which is ever present and many names are given for it. A person can't be healed, if they themselves don't truly want it and believe that it is possible. This is because the nature of the healing in the big picture view is that of transforming the personality, and it is our attachment to this 'entity' itself which is that which is not allowing us to be healed. Yet, letting go of our attachment to all that is so familiar with us, is the part which is a process and is why it is composed of the different levels of energy we are used to interacting with, all those that make up who we are. The habitual patterns of our thinking, emotional reactions and ways of moving our body and our essential beliefs and ideas of spirit. This is also why it's a process, and a long one, because we simply can't let go of all that is familiar to ourselves in an instant and leave all our past behind. 

Energy Healers are only Catalysts in Your Healing Process

If we are very sick or are stuck in our spiritual growth, then its likely our energy is very low and we would benefit from a strong dose of outside help or strong energy to lift our energy higher, so that healing can continue or we can move to another level.  This is where I come in. When I give an energy healing, then via the process of entrainment, your system will entrain to the higher vibration in me and this will increase the vibration and energy in your body. As energetic vibration increases, this creates 'work' in the body, as paths in the body are cleared out to allow the vibration to rise. It's like a strong force that mends broken or weak pathways in the energetic flows, all so that your body can vibrate more strongly, it's much like awakening or becoming more present and aware. Who you are in essence, wants you to be more aware, to be stronger and more awake and present. The laws of nature discovered by Newton, show that when two bodies of vibration meet, the lower vibration always try to entrain to the higher and the higher lowers it's vibration to meet the lower. To put it another way, we all want to meet our creator, the highest vibration of all, all living objects are growing towards the light.    

Any kind of input into your system which rises your energy over your normal operating levels will serve to heal you, and this healing happens by your own internal healing system. It's like your body uses the higher energy to repair what is needed in you, in order to get 'more energy'. This is why I say, I don't heal you. I only boost your energy, then you use it, with the exclusive and perfect information your own healer possesses to use this energy in the best way for you.

What Kind of Healing Can I expect?

The healing you will get depends upon your inner strength and what step you are on in your spiritual and healing journey. It's nearly impossible to predict what result you will get and when we try to do we are nearly always wrong with our guess. What result you will get is what you are able to handle and what you are ready for. Yet, my energy is strong and I can rise the energy in your system quite a bit higher than your normal level, which has been resulting in strong healing events being reported from many of my clients.  As an example I think of a woman who was in great pain with her back thrown out and after a few treatments she was restored and happy and now moving like there was never a problem in the back. To continue on her healing process, then she should have used this part of her life where she was free of lower back pain and immobility to start doing yoga, exercises, swimming, etc. Now it's been around 8 months and I start to see the symptoms in her returning. This shows that the actual root or cause of the problem in the back has the cause being an element of her personality. To heal this fully, she must change her habits. The energy is there waiting to fully heal her, but it is her habits of being that ultimately hold that healing energy at bay and don't allow it to happen. Another example is someone might have intense head-aches, then have a healing, and the headaches are gone. Now it might be that he reason for the headaches was not a physical one, but rather had to do with a habitual pattern of thinking or of emotional reacting. Then it might be from the healing one received an 'aha' insight as regards to oneself, and gained self-knowledge, and in this aspect did a spiritual step. This kind of result is actually a much better result than a physical healing, as gains in self-knowledge or of one's true aspect result in huge energy savings or increase in one's overall level of vibration, to that of a higher spiritual being which tends to be a permanent event. I hope these examples help explain what is realistically possible and the importance of engaging in your own healing process. Another healer cannot fully heal you to full enlightenment, eventually you will have to get engaged in your own transformation and healing process. Nobody can make you let go of what you are hanging onto, only you can decide to let it go. Often cures are temporary if the root cause for the reason the problem happened is not changed - the cause within you - then your problem is certain to return or manifest in another way. To heal fully we must seek for the root cause and heal it. Energy healing is highly beneficial as long as you understand that it has it's limitations. Use the space of higher energy after a healing as a boost and jumping off point, to fully engage in and start your own self-healing regime and to drop or change one bad habit!

About the Long Distance Energy Treatment

When I send you the distant healing I do it by setting my focus on you from your name, time, geographic location and a photograph which then sets up a scalar energy connection. I DO NOT GIVE ENERGY HEALING WITH PHONE CALL or SKYPE. It is done meditatively. A scalar energy connection is like a wave that is connected through space and pulses back and forth. You are one end-point of the wave and I am the other. Then through the physics principle of entrainment, when two objects come into contact their vibrations work to synchronize with each other. After I have established the scalar wave connection and feel the push/pull force with you, then I imagine my body is your body and give the energy treatment to my body, which because we are connected we both experience. Through this physical process of entrainment our vibrations will increase which excites the nervous system and generates a force in the body which has the capability to 'do healing work' to open and enhance reduced flows of energy which are part of the root cause of your problem. When flows are enhanced and opened at the lowest level, then later when cells in this area of the body are replaced, it results in healed tissue. Energy healing is like laying down a new blueprint at the lowest level which prior was nonexistent or not open and then when you grow (as cells are replaced), the new form is made = healed. This is why one distance healing can have lasting effects over several months depending upon how much the nervous system regenerated.

Normally in my healing work I make no attempt to intervene in the healing process, yet intuitive insights might be acted upon in regards to applying touch therapy to specific body areas which might be more blocked and need a boost. It is my conviction that the most effective healing happens by allowing your innate and very wise healer to determine how to use the boost in energy to heal what is best for your highest good. As much as possible, I  leave the business of healing to be done and determined by your innate healer. My role is simply to provide a clear and highly amplified signal to which your body will try to match via entrainment and resonance principles of physics. Nonetheless, If you specify specific areas to work on, for sure I will honor your request and work on those areas.

A single energy healing will rarely fully heal a chronic condition, but will always have some healing effect whether you can detect it or not. I am not going to give false promises that you will be miraculously cured with one energy treatment, although miracles can occur... The reality is that coming back to a state of perfect health can take a long time, as long as it took to build up to a state of poor health in the first place. Healing is a process that involves the entire system, including mind, emotions, body and spirit. Because healing is a long process, I recommend that people learn and do a self healing technique on a daily basis. By doing so, you will get results that you can observe and this will convince you that you can be healed and don't have to accept a state of poor health or degeneration. Now that is empowering!

Each treatment will raise your overall energetic vibration, and change you just a tiny bit, by opening parts inside (opening and enhancing nervous system pathways), and this effect is long lasting, and especially more so if we learn to do the exercise and do it at home regularly and/or we receive regular treatments. Ideally we should become independent from the therapist and take over the task of our healing. This is part of the intention of the service I offer. The main role of the therapist is to act as a catalyst as long as needed to raise our energy to the point where we can take over and complete our process to a full healing. Because parts of the body are opened which weren’t before, our overall level of energetic vibration will be higher, and thus more energy is available for healing and it will continue working, in a chain reaction to continue to open and enhance the nervous system or flow of internal energy. Thus, a single treatment can keep on working and healing for many days after the initial session. 

Acupressure is an alternative health therapy, based on acupuncture, but instead of using needles, it only involves applying slight pressure to acupoints on the meridian paths of the body using your fingers. The Quicken Touch Technique (I developed and use in my long-distance as well as hands-on treatments) primarily applies acupressure to the endpoints of the meridians on the toes, fingers, spine and skull, in a specific sequence, to take advantage of the body’s normal sequence of activation, which builds a greater vibration as it goes, by activating entire segments of the body and using this activated part as a strong vibrating force to help open the next part. I am also using reiki at the same time as the acupressure. The treatment proceeds from toe to head and takes 60 minutes. 

Acupuncture vessels, or meridians, are areas of high-energy movement through muscle and nerves, following the skeletal structure, located near the surface of the skin and thus can easily be felt by hand and stimulated and are located throughout the body in various paths which were mapped out a long time ago by the Chinese. These meridians have been measured and mapped by modern technological methods, electronically, thematically, and radioactively. Meridians were named by the life function with which they seem to associate. In most cases, this name is similar to the name of a gross organ we're familiar with, yet muscle indication of energy blockage doesn't mean there's damage to the organ named. We cannot say that a weak muscle means a weak organ - we can only note that a portion of the meridian energy flow indicates blockage or constriction. 

Along these meridians, there are specific acupuncture ‘points’ which make up the meridian. Today you can purchase acupoint electronic pens, which can detect the location of acupoints on the body by beeping when the pen is directly on top of it, which can be a helpful tool when practicing and learning to feel acupoints by hand. These points are electromagnetic in character and consist of small, oval cells called Bonham corpuscles, which surround the capillaries in the skin, the blood vessels, and the organs throughout the body. There are some 500 known points. 

When you receive the treatment ‘you’ don’t have to do anything, except to relax. During the treatment you might notice various healing symptoms (below), which indicate signs of healing going on in your body. Normally these symptoms are very fleeting and only last a second or two, and rarely cause discomfort or pain. Sometimes it might be the case that you feel muscular pain, or a sudden contraction of muscles, similar to a Charlie horse and there is a feeling of strong tension in a particular area of the body. This is caused by muscle charges being built up into various opposing muscles in a targeted body part of the musculoskeletal system by your ‘innate healer’, for the purpose to open up or straighten this area of the body by shifting muscles and/or bones. Most muscles of the musculoskeletal system work in pairs—called agonists and antagonists. During a movement, the muscle responsible for moving the body part contracts or shortens; this muscle is called the agonist. The antagonist muscle acts against or in opposition to the agonist muscle, stretching when the agonist contracts. The antagonist muscle is responsible for moving the body part (often a bone) back or closer to its original and optimal position. 

If you do encounter such a stronger tension, which feels a bit painful, then try to relax that part of the body and not focus on it being ‘uncomfortable’, instead try to relax and stay with it until tension is released. When we can come to a place of non-reaction, as the observing presence, while experiencing any kind of painful sensation, the healing of that body area is more effective because we are allowing energy into this area to do the work needed. When we identify with symptoms as unwanted sensations, that it is experienced as painful because we are resisting or not allowing energy to penetrate that area. There can be several reasons for this, but mostly having to do with old trauma and memories, and we are afraid that if we let energy into that area, then we will feel the pain all over again. Eventually in our healing journey, we will learn that ‘pain’ is actually our friend and a clear sign that tissues are being transformed and healed. Pain is actually a sign of the intense heat of transformation going on, and if we observe closely we can see that on one side of the tissue there is pleasure as the previously painful area is being healed, we can observe the transformation process itself, the fire of transformation, and need not identify either with the pleasure of the healed tissue, nor with the process going on to heal it. We can simply sit back and observe and then there is absolutely no pain but this does take practice to actually do.

This kind of muscular reaction can last from a few minutes up to a few days, off and on. The intensity and duration of this reaction, depends upon how blocked that area of the body is and how important it is for your healing, to move or adjust bones in that area. After the charge is built up in the opposing muscles tension will build and one will feel more discomfort, until eventually there will be a release of that tension, often shifting the position of a bone or ligament and you will feel a release. This always feels good and often sudden symptoms will follow such a release such as tingling, itching, sudden numbness, electric buzzing, shocks, twitches, shivers, flashes, tones, etc., (very short lived), indicating a new pathway through the neurons has been created/opened and the nervous system now has ‘more energy’ and is working rapidly to make stronger connections. Another healing reaction that can follow this muscle tension event and subsequent release is then a swelling in an associated body joint. This happens because after a bone is released to a new position, then the joint often needs to be adjusted as well, and swelling here is just like what happens when one sprains one’s ankle, it is to repair or rebuild the joint to a new position. The indication then is to try to rest this joint as much as possible until the swelling recedes. The swelling like this, in a joint can last longer than a few days, depending upon the degree of release of the bone. 

Healing is a ‘growing process’, and expectations should not be too high to expect miraculous or instantaneous cures. Look at the reality -- bodies take time to mend and repair and also to build up a disease in the body, and it takes time to re-grow a new repaired body. Try to see your healing process like a physical therapy, for example like what might be needed in exercise to rejuvenate a broken leg or to go on a diet and exercise to lose a lot of weight. It's hard to change and stick with a new regime.  This doesn’t mean that we won’t experience ‘miracle healing event’s’ on our journey (we will) and we will also get relief, day to day, as our body gradually heals. As long as we continue regularly with it, we will gradually improve and feel better each day as our body heals and we will notice the progress. So for an attitude, be happy with the little steps and improvements we make each day and try not to focus too much on the long term goal. We are healing, it is just not happening in the order or how we expect it to happen. I’m not saying this to fool you, you will be the judge, and will be able to notice the healing happening yourself. Just I say this, to warn you not to expect it to happen ‘over night’, or instantaneously – that is not how healing works. Sometimes when healing it’s hard to know if a symptom is one of healing or something that should be taken more seriously and is ‘not going away’, and should be seen by a medical professional. In general, I’ve noticed that if a symptom persists in exactly the same way, unchanged for more than 3 days, then I would consult with a medical professional. Of course, this also depends upon what kind of symptom it is, as some symptoms are very serious and indicate immediate medical attention is needed as soon as they appear. Once a treatment is complete it is a good idea to relax and gain from the treatment and try to ensure plenty of water is taken to help eliminate toxins. 

What is a Healing Reaction or Symptom?

 I’ve been pondering this for quite some time and think we don’t understand our physical symptoms from our body because of how we feel about them. Most people consider their symptoms as a nuisance, undesired, unwanted and feel they cause them pain. So it is understandably a natural desire and reaction to want to get rid of them. Might there be another way to look at them? 

Lately I have come to the conclusion that ALL physical symptoms that the body is making are for the purpose to restore homeostasis or harmony back to the body, thusly they are ALL good. If this is true, then to treat any symptom – no matter the kind of treatment: medical or natural – with the goal to have the symptom go away, is bad because it prevents the body from working to restore the body back to balance. To treat symptoms is to put a stopper in the bodies natural path it was using to restore a balance. The symptom exists due to the bodies’ effort to restore inner harmony; it is an outward movement to the surface to expel unwanted items that are harming the organism. This is true of every symptom. This does NOT mean to ignore symptoms! Symptoms are clearly signs that something is out of whack in the body, something is healing or trying to be healed, so they should be taken seriously. We should pay attention to them and investigate them to try to discover the cause of them.   When we question our symptoms and try to find out what might be causing them, we might arrive to the root cause of the problem and be able to take corrective steps to facilitate the healing process. Eliminating a symptom will never cure the problem that actually caused the symptom. Often the personal attitude that results from taking the choice to eliminate unwanted symptoms, is one of complacency to void self-change. Once the symptom is gone we think the problem is gone and therefore there is nothing to work on. This 'easy way out' can be dangerous, because when the underlying imbalance is ignored, it l continues to fester and cause internal havoc and the next time symptoms arise they can be more life threatening. 

We may argue the case of someone in extreme pain from a growing cancer, that this symptom can’t be good, that to not treat it then the person would die. I won’t argue that this is not true and agree that everything should be done to stop the cancer to save the life. When the body becomes extremely out of balance and the life of the entity becomes threatened, then the body will increase its effort to restore the balance to save the entity and cancer can possibly be seen as that. I don’t know what the answer is but somehow I know cancer is a symptom being produced by the organism trying to restore inner balance. The out of control growth of the cancer and intense energy being exerted to save the entity is losing the battle. The symptom of cancer tells me there is something seriously wrong in the body, but it’s not the cancer itself that's the problem. Thus there is increasing sensation and intensity of pain the more life-threatening the problem as the healing sensation intensifies. I do believe that anyone facing a life threatening situation will benefit greatly by learning to not identify with the pain through the process of becoming a better observer (meditative skill). To be clear, I am NOT saying to Ignore it and do nothing, rather I am talking about learning to meditate along with the other protocols one may be using! Simply setting time aside each day to practice meditative observation skills may greatly facilitate turning the health situation around from a degenerative to a regenerative state. 

Personally, I have faced extreme pain (mental, emotional and physical) at different times of my life and from these experiences I eventually learned that my sensation of pain had to do totally with my identification with my attitude. It was up to me on what experience I would have. I saw it could be painful, pleasurable or none of those. How I chose to label and experience it, was how it was. When pain would increase then it drove me to the center, as the observer, simply because to stay identified with the pain, became ‘unbearable’. Pain can be one of our greatest teachers, teaching us how to surrender to transform and heal. 

Pain is what most people zoom in on when there are arising symptoms, which is why the predominant attitude prevails that symptoms are bad and need to be eliminated. Behind the sensation of pain there is a strong healing energy at work, the body is working on correcting the problem in the tissues whether it be mental, emotional or physical. Pain doesn’t have to be our experience, if we can observe the location of pain in the body with detached awareness and simply feel the bodily sensation, we might eventually observe that there is also arising pleasure as the area is worked on. The healing energy that is at the same time causing pain is also causing pleasure – underlying this healing energy there is a process of transformation happening. You can tune into either one of them, but neither one is the truth. The truth rests within the observer, with cool detachment and no need to label an experience as either causing pleasure or pain. 

Common Healing Reactions / Symptoms

Below are common ‘healing reaction’ symptoms, which normally have a life span of a few seconds and up to 30 minutes and then recede. It is unusual to experience more than one at a time, they usually occur singularly and DO NOT HAPPEN EVERY TIME. It is also unusual to experience these reactions for extended periods of times. Most of these are fleeting, lasting a few seconds. If you have any symptom which seems to you very painful, unusual, or lasting a long time -- please do not hesitate to contact a medical health professional!

Healing Reactions / Healing Symptoms (1 second to a few minutes in duration): 

Tingling, numbness, muscle cramps with slight pain, intestinal rumbling, passing gas or belching, jerks, twitches, reflexive response of body, small spasms, hearing tones in ears, seeing 'stars' or flashing lights with eyes closed, chills, hot flash, shivering, sweating, sudden change in hearing, ringing in ears, tone in ears, vision, taste, smell or sense of touch (usually more enhanced and then fading), change in thirst, food cravings, fatigue, insomnia, rashes, pimples, hives, feeling of insects crawling on skin/itching, headache or skull pressure, cracking or popping sound in skeleton or skull bones, popping in ears, muscle aches, joint swelling, shivers, sneezing, increase in bowel movements, nasal drainage, jaw clicks, increase in urination, sudden bowel cleaning, falling asleep during treatment, rapid eye movements, feeling of vibration in the body, retrieval of repressed memory or trauma, shocks in body, light shows like seeing stars, feeling strong rushes of energy along spine, strong emotional outbursts, change in perception, vivid colors, ....  

Engage and Become Involved in your Own self-healing process

If you've read this far, then you know why it's important to become involved in your own healing process. (If you don't know why, then I suggest you go back to the top of this page and read everything again.) 

What you need to do and what tools you use are totally dependent upon your unique personality and habits and what is effective for you. I can tell you what I've used and use today, but don't see this as an all inclusive list, that it's the only thing effective. There are many tools and what I recommend is to try different ones until you find ones you like, but most important is to do something every day. Establish a habit to give yourself one to two hours each day for spiritual and physical healing pursuits. When you try a new tool, then stick with it using it each day for at least three weeks so you can clearly see if it works or not. Don't get in the habit to jump around, becoming a jack of all healing trades and a master at none... The ego loves this kind of game... 

On my website there is complete and free information about many transformation tools.



Love & Blessings,

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