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Free Reiki Distance Healings
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There are several possibilities to get a free reiki distance healing on my website. I give a free group Energy Healing each WEDNESDAY (sign up below) and I have energy healing videos which you can watch right now which will give you a mini-healing and boost in energy anytime you need it.

NOTICE: At this time my email address at distance-healings.com has been spammed so much it no longer works. Until I can repair this website I have disabled all contact and order forms until it is fixed. This also means I am not giving distance healings or consults at this time. If you need to contact me please use one of my other websites to do so:

Phoenix Tools

Our Light Body

Sorry for any inconvenience. Love Betsy


* Free Group Distance Healing *

How it Works

I give a free one-hour reiki long distance group healing each week on WEDNESDAY. This healing is done as a group for all PEOPLE (Pet healing is NOT allowed in this session due to the way I give it) who request to be part of the healing session for that week. I connect to each of you individually for the distance healing and specify that you receive the healing at the 'time best for you to receive' and that you receive healing either for 'your highest good' or for your specific concern if you have given me one in the form below. People from all parts of the world are welcome, do not worry about time zones and trying to use math to figure it out. The reality is all times exist at the same time and you will receive the healing energy when it is best for you to receive the energy, for many this is at night when sleeping. You can also receive your energy healing by lying down when you are ready and then saying: "I am ready to receive the healing energy that Betsy prepared for me." I am physically located in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

To enroll in the free group healing fill out the following form. If your name is unusual please put a note after your name if you are male or female. In the comment box, you can put your specific healing request, but please keep it Very Brief as I need to write it down and verbalize it when I direct healing to you. People only, No Pets!

To be included in this week's session I must receive your information by Midnight CT (USA) Tuesday. If it comes later than this I will include you in the next week's session.

To Enroll for WEDNESDAY Free Group Healing Session, please fill out this form:


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Love & Blessings,