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Free Reiki Distance Healings
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There are several possibilities to get a free reiki distance healing on my website. I give a free group Energy Healing each monday (sign up below) and I have energy healing videos which you can watch right now which will give you a mini-healing and boost in energy anytime you need it.

* Free Group Distance Healing *
Every Monday

How it Works

I give a free one-hour reiki long distance group healing each week on Monday evening. This healing is done as a group for all people who request to be part of the healing session for that week. I connect to each of you individually for the distance healing and specify that you recieve the healing at the 'time best for you to recieve' and that you recieve healing either for 'your highest good' or for your specific concern if you have given me one in the form below. People from all parts of the world are welcome, do not worry about time zones. You will recieve your healing when it is best for you to receive the energy, for many this is at night when sleeping.

To enroll in the free group healing fill out the following form. Comments are optional and you can put anything you want there, such as specific healing request, feedback or send a note to me. For specific healing request please keep it brief to one sentence as I need to write it down and verbalize it when I direct healing to you.

To be included in this week's session I must receive your information by 12 Noon CST (USA) Monday. If it comes later than this I will include you in the next week's session.

To Enroll for MONDAY Free Group Healing Session, please fill out this form:

Full Name:

Email Address:

Geographical Location (City, State, Region, Country):

Comments (Optional):

When all fields are filled out, then click this button ONCE to reserve a spot in the group session:


I would LOVE to hear back from you with feedback in regards to the distant healing session. To leave feedback click here.


Please tell others about this page who may benefit from a free distance energy healing. Feel free to put a link on your website to this page, put a link on another site to this one, place the link in your signature line of your email, send a tweet, or share on facebook (use buttons below).

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If you feel to send a donation for the free healing you can do so at the PayPal link below. A Donation is NOT mandatory nor expected!

Love & Blessings,