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Free Reiki Distance Healing Videos

Below are two reiki distance videos that I recorded which you can watch to recieve a free distance healing. They are about 5 minutes long so will not take so much of your time. Bookmark this page and come back and get a healing anytime you need. You might like to start each day or end each day with a boost of energy to help you heal and sleep soundly. Or you may like to get an energy boost if you are facing something stressful.

Instructions: Just gaze at the video ... There is nothing for you to do except for to RELAX and be OPEN to receive the energy healing coming directly to you. When I made these videos, I requested to be connected to whomever was viewing it and for the person to receive the energy at that time. All times exist at the same time, and there is no distance energetically in space. That time exists now and you are the person to recieve this energy because you are here right now. Being receptive to believe this works helps greatly to get a healing result.


Free Reiki Distance Healing Video with Native American Flute Music


Free Reiki Distance Healing Video in Nature


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